Good business outcomes depend on your people.

Organizations are looking to improve performance, productivity, retention, and employee satisfaction. Happy employees are more productive and stay longer.

    Attracting and retaining employees is critical, yet each year the average organization loses up to 50% of its employee base.1

    An organization spends up to 50% of a departing entry-level employee’s salary separating from the employee and finding their replacement.2

    of employers using educational benefits report improved employee engagement.3

    of business leaders rank retention as urgent.2


    best-in-market talent to become the local employer of choice.


    employees & improve performance by building business ready skills.


    top talent and outperform competition.

Setup is simple

We make it easy to offer this benefit to your employees.

We help your employees every step of the way to enroll in our programs.

Complete a simple, straightforward agreement

Develop an implementation plan for launch.

Personalize the experience with custom marketing and a dedicated support team.

Student success coaches connect with employees to begin their no-cost, no-debt degree.

Proven Results.

What would be the impact to your business if your sales, retention, and employee satisfaction significantly improved in the next 12 months? We can help. The results speak for themselves.